Save a Life Today (SALT)


Our Mission, Vision and Actions can be summed up in a few choice words, "Connecting you to your need".
The following services define that process. As always, please keep in mind our heart felt notice;
We are not an Emergency Service. IF you need to talk to someone right now 
"PLEASE call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ~ (800) 273-TALK (8255) ~  24/7".
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    If you have not attended; its a great place to connect with others, get more information on prevention and honor those who lost the struggle. Family and Friends pull together as Teams. It is a blessing to see the good that is out there in our own backyard. 3rd Annual SALT Walk Saturday - September 9th 2017 Beach Park See the Events page for more details Program Schedule - How to Get Ready - What to do Day of
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    Now available - Great coasters for your bar, restaurant, coffee shop where people are talking and drinking a positive message will be seen. Contact us by email here for more information . You can also visit our FB page for details and other cool events to get engaged.
    Products with the Message
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    Links: Association of Suicidology-Prevention, Stats, Postvention Foundation for Suicide Prevention Prevention Prevention Resource Center For survivors website for parents and families and friends of suicide loss for suicide loss Facebook-SAVE A Life Today-SALT