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Save a Life Today (SALT)


Our Mission, Vision and Actions can be summed up in a few choice words, "Connecting you to your need".
The following services define that process. As always, please keep in mind our heart felt notice;
We are not an Emergency Service. IF you need to talk to someone right now 
"PLEASE call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ~ (800) 273-TALK (8255) ~  24/7".
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    If you have not attended; its a great place to connect with others, get more information on prevention and honor those who lost the struggle. Family and Friends pull together as Teams. It is a blessing to see the good that is out there in our own backyard. 4th Annual SALT Walk Saturday - September 2018 - exact date to be determined Beach Park See the Events page for more details Program Schedule - How to Get Ready - What to do Day of * This is our main fundraiser of the year, as most of the other events are awareness. Please click here to help us reach more people each and every year with Hope, Healing and Love!
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    Now available - Great coasters for your bar, restaurant, coffee shop where people are talking and drinking a positive message will be seen. Contact us by email here for more information . You can also visit our FB page for details and other cool events to get engaged.
    Products with the Message
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    Links: ~American Association of Suicidology-Prevention, Stats, Postvention ~Amercan Foundation for Suicide Prevention
SAVE.org ~ Suicide Prevention
SPRC.org ~ Suicide Prevention Resource Center
Allianceofhope.org ~ For survivors
Suicidegrief.com ~ Forums for suicide loss
pos-ffos.com ~ For Parents, Family & Friends of suicide loss
Facebook-SAVE A Life Today-SALT